Re: Gravity Assist?

From: Brian Wong (
Date: Sat Aug 27 2005 - 02:37:55 EDT

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    The very best explanation/illustration for
    gravity-assist that I've ever seen is a visual one
    from the educational video series "The Mechanical
    Universe", episode 24, "Navigating in Space."  The
    graphics are absolutely astounding and they literally
    make the newtonian equations come alive.  I wish this
    series was available when I was in college.
    After signing up, you can see it on-line here:
    Best regards,
    --- Jeff Umbarger <> wrote:
    > Thanks Jim,
    >      So from what I gathered from the link, the only
    > thing you get from a "Gravity Slingshot" is a change
    > in direction and some less-than-100percent of the
    > planets orbital velocity (wrt the sun). From this I
    > would gather that it is better to slingshot off
    > Mercury (fastest orbital velocity) than Jupiter
    > (much
    > slower), right? For instance, if you were sending a
    > probe to Saturn and it was on the other side of the
    > Sun from Earth at launch, you should wait until
    > Mercury is ahead of Earth by 90 degrees around the
    > sun
    > and "bank off" Mercury to go on to Saturn, right?
    > - Jeff
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