# 23232 - ariane 44LR flares?

From: ykchia (chiayk1@singnet.com.sg)
Date: Sat Aug 27 2005 - 01:22:35 EDT

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    Hi folks:
        On a causal look , this satellite left  trails  like  meteors.  But 
    the 'line-up'  successive x3  stills revealed the work of a satellite 
    body with flares that  minic  mini  iridium flare.  Three flares were 
    observed  across the FOV of 14 degree. The closest track match is # 
    23232 or  Ariane 44LR.
        I did not find any visual reference of this object ?  Is there any 
    observation records of this object?  Does it flare ?
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