Re: Gravity Assist?

From: Jim Scotti (
Date: Fri Aug 26 2005 - 17:01:23 EDT

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    I've been watching and contributing to some Wikipedia articles for some time 
    and find it somewhat frustrating at times.  The content is often pretty good, 
    but if you work on a controversial topic (like the Moonlanding hoax hoax, for 
    example), the effort to maintain a "neutral point of view" often goes 
    overboard at the expense of real facts.  But its not a bad place to start to 
    look for the answers to some questions and usually the pages have links to 
    other sources and a good general discussion.  And as Allen says, if you see a 
    mistake or have some expertise, there are lots of pages that need improvement 
    or even basic writing or creation.  It's definitely worthwhile to add your 
    bit of knowledge to a subject and I bet Satellite observation and the general 
    topic of Satellites could definitely use the input of many of the outstanding 
    expert individuals on this list.
    On Fri, 26 Aug 2005, Allen Thomson wrote:
    > I've started watching Wikipedia with some interest, am not still sure what to 
    > think about it.  The obvious problem is that it could suffer The Death Of 
    > Usenet, where various loons and fanatics debase it so much that reasonable 
    > people abandon it.
    > But for the moment, that I can see, that problem is being held at bay by 
    > means I don't understand.
    > Anyway, I'd suggest that FPSpacers check it out, contribute new articles or 
    > edit existing ones according to their expertise and knowledge.  Couldn't 
    > hurt, might be useful.
    Jim Scotti
    Lunar & Planetary Laboratory
    University of Arizona
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