Re: 25600 orbit

Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 04:24:13 EDT

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    I wrote:
    >Not unless lunisolar perturbations bring the perigee down to, say, 90 km.
    >Because of its eccentric orbit, it spends very little time near perigee.
    >But of course it will continue to decrease the apogee, so more time is 
    >the low area.
    But lunisolar perturbations are barely noticable at this apogee height.
    Drag is building up smoothly, but faster than I thought, partly because
    the perigee is getting closer to the equator (AOP now 200 degrees,
    early 2005 208 degrees). Though the rate is increasing, it will be
    close to the equator almost till the end.
    But perigee will remain at the night side, where drag is lower.
    Simple SatEvo run predicts decay mid-November.
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