Obs ML (4352), 23 Aug 2005, IGS 1B & Lacrosse 2

From: Marco Langbroek (marco.langbroek@wanadoo.nl)
Date: Tue Aug 23 2005 - 19:39:32 EDT

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    SatTrackCam Leiden (Cospar 4352) obs 23 Aug 2005 UTC:
    27699 03 009B   4352 P 20050823212818500 17 75 1959250+393170 56 E+020 10
    21147 91 017A   4352 P 20050823210311500 17 75 1928437+247370 56 S+025 10
    Method: Canon Digital Ixus 400 + ASTRORECORD astrometric software.
    Camera at manual mode, "10 second" (= 10.7 second) exposure, wide field
    f2.8/7.41 mm.
    What these numbers mean:
    Observations, certainly that of 03-009B (Lacrosse 2), suffered from poor 
    observing conditions: fields of thin cirrus. I could not unambiguously determine 
    the begin point of the 03-009B trail due to the cirrus, so I measured only the 
    end point, which was somewhat better to see on the image.
    I catched 91-017A (IGS 1B) seconds after it came out of eclipse close to the 
    zenith, brightening rapidly. Conditions were better than half an hour earlier, 
    the image is of much better quality. Because of the trail coming out of eclipse, 
    I did not measure the start of the trail, but only the end, which is bright and 
    fat, no ambiguity there.
    A part of the latter picture showing the satellite coming out of eclipse in 
    Cygnus can be seen here (240 kB color JPG):
    The yellow bar in the top of the image is the edge of the roof.
    - Marco :-)
    Dr Marco Langbroek  -  SatTrackCam Leiden, Cospar 4352
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