W1 geosat video

From: satcom (john@satcom.freeserve.co.uk)
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 07:43:46 EDT

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    Hi all ,
    If anyone is interested I have made the video of W1 available for download 
    on a temp site at
    http://www.savefile.com/projects.php?pid=162224  (Full video )
    It compresses an hours obs into a few seconds
    You might notice that about two thirds the way through there is a flash to 
    the NE of W1.
    On close examination the is accompanied by two trails.
    I dismissed it as an aircraft going through the frame....but then had my 
    doubts as it is very faint , apart from the flash in the middle 
    section.There is also a very slight curve to the trails , possibly a lens 
    Again if anyone wants to check out the single frame , it is at
    http://www.savefile.com/projects.php?pid=162224 (Object track )
    with all the relevant details * Time stamp is GMT
    W      -3:05:30
     N      53:23:15
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