ObsReduce 1.3 released incl bugfix

From: Ted Molczan (seesat@rogers.com)
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 21:58:40 EDT

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    Beta testing of ObsReduce 1.3 has been completed, and the final version is
    PLEASE NOTE that this version includes an important bug fix (see below) that was
    present in all previous versions; therefore, all users should install it,
    regardless of their interest in any of the new features.
    1. Added Support for Cameras
    ObsReduce 1.3 introduces support for observers who record satellite transits
    using cameras, by means of two new geometries: the satellite may be located to
    the right or left of a pair of stars, or in any configuration with three stars.
    The reduction algorithms require the physical length on the image between one
    pair of stars, and between each star and the satellite, which must be determined
    independent of ObsReduce. The program accepts lengths measured using a ruler or
    calipers, or the pixel coordinates of the satellite and stars, from which it
    will compute the required lengths. The camera reduction features are described
    mainly in Section D.9.2 of the manual:
    Many thanks to Scott Campbell, who developed the algorithms, and performed the
    initial beta tests of them.
    2. Bug Fixed
    Version 1.3 corrects an error in versions 1.1 and 1.2 that caused incorrect
    rounding of the arc min or arc sec components of RA and Dec, when rolling over
    from 59 to zero. For example, in DDMMm format, values between 34:59.1 and
    34:59.5 would be reported correctly as 34591 to 34595, but those between 34:59.6
    and 34:59.9 would all be incorrectly reported as 35000. I apologize for my
    3. Installation 
    If you have already installed a previous version of ObsReduce, you need only
    download the new executable file and manual:
    Simply extract the new files into the directory in which the earlier version has
    been installed. You may wish to back up the earlier version, in case you need to
    go back to it.
    First time users must download and install the full package, available here:
    Please send any bug reports, questions, comments or suggestions to me off-list.
    Ted Molczan
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