Heavens-Above Website Issues

From: Jeff Umbarger (jumbarger2000@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 21:27:43 EDT

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    Hey All,
         Just trying to figure out if I have a
    configuration issue; is anyone having issues with the
    H-A site that requires the need for reloading the
    page? With my Netscape 4.8, it will display a blank
    browser window until I hit the "Reload" button. With
    IE 5.0 it will show the home page with some new
    additional ads off to the right that *don't* show up
    when I reload the Netscape version.
         Then when I pick a "Detailed Star Chart" on a
    particular sat pass it comes up with a broken image
    load for both Netscape and IE.
         Can anyone either confirm these issues or point
    out how I could have a mis-configured browser?
              Jeff Umbarger
              Plano, TX USA
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