Flasher UNID

From: Michael Sacchi (michael.sacchi@gmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 12 2005 - 15:25:10 EDT

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    Hi everyone.
    Yesterday evening (Aug 11th 2005) I was outside watching Perseids with a friend.
    At 21:26 UTC (+/- 30 secs) she (first time satellite observer :) )
    spotted a bright flasher just east ("below") Cassiopeia. It gave 2
    rapid flashes with a period of about 2 seconds (this is an estimated
    value, and i'm not big at estimating :-). Therefore I won't estimate a
    magnitude, I'll just say it flashed brighter than any star in
    After 3 or 4 couples of flashes it apparently entered earth shadow,
    even if my friend insists she've seen it just over the horizon after
    following the imaginary line of the orbit. I still think it eclipsed
    below Cassiopeia.
    My location was roughly
    8°31'47'' E
    45°41'23'' N
    I hope I gave all the info you could need....if not just ask.
    What's the standard procedure to id one of these?
    Later at 21:58UTC she spotted, completely by chance, almost at the
    azimuth, the NOSS 2-1 triplet, a little brighter than usual. She is
    lucky, no doubt about it! ;-)
    Thanks, clear skies.
    --- 73 de IW1GJS Michael ---
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