Re: Possible comms sat failure ?

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Date: Thu Aug 11 2005 - 01:42:30 EDT

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    Hi George,
    No , but I see what you mean .......that all conveyed completly wrong didnt 
    I was simply ruling them out on the basis that it was unlikely , although of 
    course , still possible , that the bird could have taken a hit.
    By midnight last night , the satellite was starting to come back to life 
    after a good deal of the traffic had been transferred to another part of the 
    I did try to image 10 east ,  but to do so had to Slot hop from 19 (seven 
    sats ) to 13 E ( five sats) and by the time I got to 10 E.........a bank of 
    cloud had swept in ( story of my life)
    Anyway as we await a statement from Eutelsat , it looks to me as though they 
    did some excellent recovery work and have got their bird up an running again 
    Quite an achievement !
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    >> I'm also ruling out Perseids Persius is in complete 
    >> opposition to the location of the birds.
    > Are you saying the Earth is blocking the Perseids from hitting the
    > Satellite?  I don't think so - it wouldn't be a satellite if it didn't 
    > orbit
    > the earth.  And if it orbits the earth then it can only be protected
    > by the earth from asteroids for half an orbit at the most and much
    > less for geo-stationaries.
    > Perseids occur in all parts of the sky and are most visible straight
    > up.  They do however travel in straight lines away from a point in 
    > Perseus.
    > - George
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