Re: STS-114 Acoustic Observation

From: skywise (
Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 17:41:23 EDT

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    Brian Webb wrote:
    > Hi All:
    > We just had a great wake up call at about 05:07 PDT (12:07 UTC). I live in
    > Ventura County, California about half way between Los Angeles and Santa
    > Barbara.
    > I had just gotten up and heard on the radio that the Shuttle was going into
    > Edwards. It was still dark outside. As I walked into my home office I heard
    > a loud BOOM-BOOM that shook the house. The window was partially open and I
    > saw the curtain move. Dogs in the neighborhood started barking and one of my
    > neighbors walked outside, apparently wondering what the explosion was.
    > I was great.
    > Regards,
    > Brian Webb
    Using my best Marvin the Martian voice....
    "Where's the boom-boom? There was supposed to be an Earth shattering
    Down here in north Orange County I heard nothing. I had a couple of
    microphones hanging out two different windows and recording into my
    computer to catch any hint of the sonic boom. Nothing. Can't even
    find a hint of it in a spectral analysis.
    Although I did get great recordings of the traffic going down the
    street ((((IN STEREO)))). Got some crickets too.
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