AW: Question about TLE

From: Arnold Barmettler (
Date: Tue Aug 09 2005 - 03:27:14 EDT

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    Hi Javi,
    it looks like you got your TLE from CalSKY earlier on Monday. NASA updated
    its Shuttle Elements yesterday between 15 and 19 UTC (after the last update
    on Saturday). CalSKY is using this updated elements since 19:30 UTC. Hence
    you could not find the old set on the system after that time. Please check
    for updates regularly.
    When you can choose I would recommend to use the more recent elset from
    Space-Track from today 2:35 UTC (epoch 05221.1075463, you can also find it
    on CalSKY, use the 'TLE' link in the 'Satellite-Menu'. This will display the
    set of TLEs used for predictions).
    Best regards
    Arnold Barmettler
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