Shuttle sighted by lay observers/ lunar transit pand later visible pass tonight

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Aug 08 2005 - 15:02:30 EDT

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    Some lay observers here reported seeing the STS-114 pass here at 0625 UTC on 
    7 August.  Exact location and magnitude not known, but it was in the 
    vicinity of  Petone 41.233S and 174.88E.   I missed this pass myself, I was 
    in a difficult location at the time.  Weather permitting the delayed 
    re-entry has given us a bonus tonight our time with a good pass at 0649 UTC 
    on 9 August when I should be able to observe at home under better 
    conditions.  However weather outlook is somewhat uncertain with fine weather 
    forecast but showers later.
    There is a lunar transit at 0513 UTC on 9 August close to Wellington city 
    (daylight pass,) unfortunately I probably will not be able to be in a 
    suitable location at that time.and in any event the phase of the moon may 
    make observation difficult.
    Chris if you see this would it be possible to update the data on Heavens 
    Above please as it still shows the position prior to postponement of 
    re-entry? Thanks.
    Clear skies
    New Zealand
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