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Date: Sun Aug 07 2005 - 19:41:07 EDT

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      I have fixed the problem you have encountered a few weeks ago with my 
    satellite program, EOO. I have posted an update on my site. This 
    eliminates the need to have your language and setting options to be set 
    to English. It has been tested by a few and works fine. Sorry for the 
    I am in the process of testing satellite telescope tracking using Meade 
    LX drivers and Ascom. I am in the beta mode, as soon as tests are 
    completed and correction made, I'll post an update.
    Paolo Morini wrote:
    >   Hello Robert,
    > my name is Paolo Morini, Italy.
    > I am not a very active satellite observer but I like to pick up some
    > sats from time to time or follow some interesting thread here.
    > I am mainly a binocular observer.
    > For sure your 20x80 is good, anyway, especially if I am not
    > well-charted, I prefer an 8x56 with a wider field of view (6 deg).
    > But for faint sats a big binos is very nice - my "top" sat observation
    > was a glimpse of TIPS bodies and tether on a winter night with a Vixen
    > 20x100 binoculars.
    > A remarkable view, indeed.
    > ISS is not much interesting in my opinion because, honestly, the
    > aberration and light-spikes of this giant binoculars are disturbing in
    > the dark.
    > Anyway, in the twilight, over a clear sky, I can see Saturn ring with no
    > problem - I promised myself to test a twilight pass of ISS sooner or
    > later.
    > But I lack the time.
    > Greetings
    >    Paolo Morini
    >    Ravenna IT
    >    12.1 E 44.5 N UTC+1(+2 in summer)
    >>Just a quick intro. I'm Bob Schuette, a dedicated space/astronomy nut
    >>since who knows when.
    >>I'm from the small town of Portland Pa right at the foothills of the
    >>Mtns so we get a ton of tourists.However, the nightly entertainment
    > around
    >>here is to sit around and watch the cars rust. I'm a General Class ham
    >>operator w/ callsign N3SNZ.
    >>My Optics: I use a set of ORION Giant 20X80 binoculars. I find them
    > easier
    >>to use and less strain on my back which isn't in the greatest shape. I
    >>to upgrade the optics to 100mm SUPERGIANT binos. Anynody use them for
    > sat
    >>obs?? Are they any good? Whats the ISS look like through these high
    > power
    >>binos?? I'm interested.
    >>I look foward to sharing some of my observations with you and maybe
    > get
    >>of these unknowns identified too. Be cool and talk again soon.
    >>Bob Schuette
    >>   PORTLAND, PA  U.S.A
    >>40"56' NORTH 75"06' WEST   UTC -4:00
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