Re: STS-114 reentry path

From: Rodney Austin (
Date: Sun Aug 07 2005 - 06:43:43 EDT

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    Many thanks for the info Ralph. I will make careful note for the
    future. We got two really great passes over New Plymouth on Friday
    night and Saturday night. On Friday there was a water dump in action
    and with a magnitude of -6 for the spacecraft it was truly spectacular
    even through very strong streetlights outside work.
    Rod Austin
    On 8/7/05, Ralph McConahy <> wrote:
    > Rod Austin asked:
    > I am much more used to using UTC as my astronomical
    > timebase than the EDT used by NASA. Could someone
    > tell me the time correction from one to the other  please?
    > ----
    > UTC is EDT +4 hours.
    >   Ralph McConahy
    >   Eden, MD
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