Re: possible DSP satellite

Date: Sun Aug 07 2005 - 00:50:54 EDT

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    Just came in from watching the same satellite this evening.  With my focus
    devoted to a single object tonight, I saw the first flash at 04:07 and
    watched it flash until 04:19 UTC.  This was a very difficult object for
    16x70s, and I missed a lot of flashes near the beginning and end of this episode.  The flash period was almost exactly 2.50 seconds.  I still haven't found a match, am I missing something?
    Tonight's positional obs: 2005/08/07  04:12:45 UTC; RA 15:21.3  Dec -06.12
    Best, and clear dark skies.
    Steve LaLumondiere
    Observing location:  33.82 N, 118.316W
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