Re: 5918 obs 20050804

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Sat Aug 06 2005 - 02:54:45 EDT

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    I didn't mention that I too had a fantastic view of TiPS in my 8" LXD55
    with an eyepiece for 31x. I followed it from epsilon Pegasi for about
    25 degrees arc, then lost only because the eyepiece moved too high.
    It seemed almost brilliant, and I saw a few sparkles from both end masses.
    This was the first time in the telescope -
    many years ago I could find it with 7x50 binos.
    -- COSPAR 5919, MALMA,    59.2576 N, 18.6172 E, 23 m         --
    -- COSPAR 5918, HAMMARBY, 59.2985 N, 18.1045 E, 44 m         --
    > Re: An Intro!!
    > But for faint sats a big binos is very nice - my "top" sat observation
    > was a glimpse of TIPS bodies and tether on a winter night with a Vixen
    > 20x100 binoculars.
    > A remarkable view, indeed. 
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