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From: Roger (roger@efn.org)
Date: Fri Aug 05 2005 - 14:29:45 EDT

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    Accidently saw my first flare last night.
    I'm not sure exactly where I was coordinate wise. I was stuck in traffic
    on I-5 a few miles south of exit 228. If I had to guess, about 44.5N 123W.
    I-5 was a parking lot for a couple of hours.  I was just staring up into
    the sky.
    Towards the west, I saw a satellite come into view. It was fairly bright,
    about as bright as Arcturus.  A second or two later, it faded quickly.  I
    checked the time on my cell phone and was about 11:34 PM Local time 0634
    Looking on heavens-above.com today, IRIDIUM 45 was due about that time:
    04 Aug  23:34:48  -1  	15  	257 (WSW)  105.9 km (W)  	-6  Iridium 45
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