STS-114 reentry path

From: Louis Carrier (
Date: Fri Aug 05 2005 - 09:26:42 EDT

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    According to the estimated landing times for a KSC touchdown:
    2005-08-08 04:37 EDT
    2005-08-08 06:12 EDT
    and looking at the orbital plane for those times,
    it seems the orbiter won't fly over much of the USA
    as did Columbia but mostly over water (unpopulated areas)
    and shortly over Central America or Mexico.
    Am I right in saying so?
    If yes, is it a new procedure consecutive to the
    Columbia disater or is it a regular one?
    After a quick search I was unable to find any document
    describing the reentry path.
    (even in the "Mission STS-114 Press Kit" )
    Any comment?
    Louis Carrier
    St-Georges, Quebec, Canada
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