Re: OAO 3 bright flare

From: Sean Sullivan (
Date: Fri Aug 05 2005 - 00:53:42 EDT

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    OAO 3 has been one of my favorite satellites because of its very complex 
    flash pattern, punctuated by these extremely bright flares.  I forget the 
    period, but it's something rather long (minute range), so it takes awhile 
    to realize that it's periodic.  I like picking up the satellite in 
    binoculars, and following it until the bright flare.
    -- Sean
    On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, skywise wrote:
    > Stepped out on my balcony just a few minutes ago to enjoy the cool
    > night air and looked up and noticed an extremely bright star. It
    > was moving west to east and just passing Altair. It quickly became
    > apparent that it was a flaring satellite, but oh-my! was this bright.
    > Comparing to -8 Iridium flares this was comparable, if not brighter.
    > It made Altair look like a match next to a maglight.
    > I quickly determined this was OAO 3 Copernicus (06153, 1972-065-A).
    > Brian
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