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From: Robert Schuette (
Date: Thu Aug 04 2005 - 14:56:37 EDT

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    Hello All,
    Just a quick intro. I'm Bob Schuette, a dedicated space/astronomy nut since 
    who knows when.
    I'm from the small town of Portland Pa right at the foothills of the Pocono 
    Mtns so we get a ton of tourists.However, the nightly entertainment around 
    here is to sit around and watch the cars rust. I'm a General Class ham radio 
    operator w/ callsign N3SNZ.
    My Optics: I use a set of ORION Giant 20X80 binoculars. I find them easier 
    to use and less strain on my back which isn't in the greatest shape. I plan 
    to upgrade the optics to 100mm SUPERGIANT binos. Anynody use them for sat 
    obs?? Are they any good? Whats the ISS look like through these high power 
    binos?? I'm interested.
    I look foward to sharing some of my observations with you and maybe get some 
    of these unknowns identified too. Be cool and talk again soon.
    Bob Schuette
       PORTLAND, PA  U.S.A
    40"56' NORTH 75"06' WEST   UTC -4:00
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