Scout A R/B Flashing ????

From: Mike Bevan (
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 07:10:26 EDT

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    Hi All
    It's been a long time since I posted anything to the group as I have had the
    last 2 years off observing
    I do however have the occasional glance up and on Monday 1 Aug 2005 whilst
    out in my back garden with the dogs I observed a very nice flashing
    My Location 50.7556N, 1.9083W
    Time Approx 22:06 GMT
    Position: Az 45 , Elv 50,  just a few degrees above the Star Cahp in
    Cassiopeia travelling in a SSE to NNW direction
    2 flashes at mag 1, 2 at 3 then another 2 at 1 followed by 2 more a 3 then
    it disappeared, the gap between flashes was approx 5 secs.
    The timing are approximate as I did not have my watch with me
    The only possible candidate I can find is Scout A R/B (03137 / 1968-012B)
    Has this R/B been known to flash before or can anybody come up with an
    alternative candidate.
    Mike Bevan
    Poole, UK
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