Whops, I better wake up = I found another flahing molyina

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Aug 02 2005 - 22:22:44 EDT

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    I better get some more sleep.
    The other day, I observed molyina 1-81 flashing, every approx 20 seconds.
    I had wrote 
    I observed that it produce a bright flash every 20 seconds. Last time I observed it, I got around
    8 seconds. 
    in message
    I can see I wasn't paying attention, as I for some reason was thinking of the molyina 1-88, when I
    was actually observing molyina 1-81. It was molyina 1-88 that flashed every approx 8 seconds. So I
    had discovered another flahing molyina by accident, as I aimed at the wrong satellite!
    And at the time I did know, I discovered another flashing molyina, I do now:) So I am a happy sat
    observer. It's fun to observe them flash. 
    I beleive it's flashing earlier every night also like molyina 1-88, based on what I have observed
    playing back the video. I check on it tommorow night, if it's clear. 
    Something to show people at a star party next week, a flashing satellite.
    That explains the difference in flash period, I had the wrong satellite:)
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