Progress RB decay observation

From: Firat Barlas (
Date: Sun Aug 31 2003 - 18:53:34 EDT

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    Dear subscribers;
    During a Mars observation on Uludag (Bursa - Turkey) 4008' N, 2908.5E
    elev : 1750 meters with four members of an Amateur Astronomy Club, we saw a
    bright "fire ball" coming from SSW to NE.  (5:14 Local Time - 02:14 UTC)
    The trajectory was very close to ISS and Progress Cargo ship. (They were 17
    minutes earlier than Progress RB)
    Brightness of the fireballs were very different but most of them were
    brighter than Mars (-2.9 Mag) It broke into several pieces and left a white
    cloud over horizon.
    I think the reentry started over Aegean Sea, lasted near Black Sea.
    It was an extraordinary observation experience..
    Firat Barlas
    Izmir - Turkey
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