Progress RB Decay

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Sun Aug 31 2003 - 15:05:00 EDT

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    Report time: 14:20 UTC
    2003-039B (#27874) Soyuz 3.Stage (PROGRESS RB)
    After a long break SCC'S FINAL REPORT - prepared Aug 31,02:43 UTC
    - appeared now and shows
    31 August, 02:14 UTC +/- 07 minutes (37.0N, 26.0E)
    ascending over the West coast of Turkey.
    This is definitely a few minutes too early. SCC'S final
    point at the reentry trajectory refered to an altitude 
    of 10.0 km.
    MPM+REENTRY delivers including the last ELSET 03242.964...
    (SFX 114, ap 013) the decay on
    31 August, 02:18 UTC +/- 05 minutes (39.64N, 30.41E)
    also northbound over the West Turkey.
    My derived reentry trajectory shows the breakup around 
    02:15:30 - 02:16:00 UTC. Firat Barlas observation of the
    breakup saw the event around 02:14 UTC. This small difference
    reflects some uncertainties in the ELSETs and  reentry models.
    Berlin, Germany  
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