Re: ISS in XPOP (now LVLH)

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Aug 22 2003 - 16:41:59 EDT

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    ISS was scheduled to return to LVLH at 1320 on 21 August.
    So both recent times when it has been in XPOP it has been in that attitude
    for about a week.
    Does anyone know if this is a regular duration for XPOP?
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    > ISS is in XPOP - it appears this probably occurred about 15 August- the
    > Status Reports for 14 and 16 August show the change and the one from 15
    > August does not give any information about it.  The transit video should
    > give some assistance on this perhaps?
    > Anyone noticed any changes in predicted mag as some observations indicated
    > it may have occurred last time? - I do not have suitable opportunities to
    > observe the ISS till the weekend our time.  (a predicted 5 degree altitude
    > pass tomorrow is of no use here because there is virtually nowhere here
    > where obstructions by hills can be avoided!)
    > The information in the latest report on steps to be taken in the event of
    > EPS BGA (Electric Power System/Beta Gimbal Angle) motor trips may be of
    > interest as it refers
    > the implications of attitudes for power generation.
    > (N.B Spaceref has incorrectly dated the 18 August report as 18 November
    > it is clear from the content that is it in fact current.)
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