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From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Wed Aug 20 2003 - 15:13:38 EDT

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    In Jari's case, given the date the kappa Cygnids are a good option. These
    are very slow and often bright: this is a known fireball shower. It would
    match his reported direction of movement.
    In Roberts' case this stream is not a likely candidate (radiant at that
    moment very low in the north). An iota Aquarid: possible, but this stream
    produces rather faint meteors, unlike its better known July predecessor the
    delta Aquarids.
    HOWEVER: a meteor should be discernable from a satellite, as even the
    slowest meteor moves evidently faster than a satellite.
    - Marco Langbroek
      Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)
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    From: "Robert Holdsworth" <>
    > Is it possible that this and the  daytime flash reported earlier could be
    > meteoric in origin rather than satellites?
    > I observed a bright streak at least  mag -3 yesterday evening our time
    > briefly- I do not have exact timing but was around 1000Z  I think on
    > 20.
    > As it was moving east to west a satellite seemed no mention of
    > it was made in here.
    > My time is limited to check in detail on the possible shower which would
    > more likely and I would be moving off topic anyway.  I suspect possibly
    > Aquarids for mine but will not have a chance to do much checking for at
    > least 12 hours.
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