Re: daylight lunar flash

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Tue Aug 19 2003 - 08:28:12 EDT

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    > However, I also found the following to nearly cross the moon at 9:37:36
    > Perhaps your watch was slow by 31 seconds or so?
    > 94029ZE
    > 1 24602U 94029ZE  03225.25034656  .00000438  00000-0  16399-3 0  4307
    > 2 24602  81.5293 258.5212 0837937  54.3727 313.2540 13.17156918339357
    Thanks (to you and others) for going to the trouble to check out the
    satellite possibility for the flash.
    As for timing, I think the estimate in the original message is pretty close.
    Here's how it was made:
    I looked at the moon, saw the flash, looked for a few seconds more to see if
    anything else happened, realized that I should look at my watch and did
    so -- the watch said 09:37:14 CDT.
    Arriving back at the house about 30 minutes later, I found that the watch
    was running a little less than a second slow relative to a WWVB
    radio-controlled clock, so 09:37:14 was corrected to 09:37:15.  I'm "sure"
    that the time between seeing the flash and looking at the watch was not less
    than 5 seconds nor more than 15,  hence the 14:37:05 UT +- 5 sec.
    However, as we all know, witness testimony is often unreliable, so caveat
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