Re: Daylight lunar flash

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Aug 18 2003 - 16:08:07 EDT

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    Subject: Daylight lunar flash
    > I need help identifying an accidental observation I made during our daily
    > walk this morning.  At 14:37:05 +- 5 sec UT (09:37:05 CDT) 17 August 2003,
    I happened to look up at the moon and saw a bright, brief flash very near
    but slightly west of ("below") the southern ("left-hand") cusp.
    I used to launch He filled balloons with a section of Al foil attached to a
    string tied to the balloons. The metal foil would flash occasionally as it
    directed sunlight. I could see the flashes even though I could no longer see
    the balloon.
    A foil balloon might produce a flash even though the balloon itself was
    itself too far away to see w/o optical aid.
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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