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Date: Sun Aug 17 2003 - 14:56:47 EDT

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    Thanks Greg!
    Under the "latest image" it says, "Clicking the image returns the latest
    movie." Did anybody figure out a way to show the "movies" that download when
    you click on the picture?
    I couldn't get any movie to run but what I found quite serendipitously was
    that my computer automatically creates a "movie effect."  What I did was
    this.  I went to an archive and after waited for the whole page to become
    fully loaded I moved my mouse pointer out of the bottom or top of the screen
    to force the scroll rate to be at a maximum.  The scrolling happened to be
    just right in that it jumps rapidly and perfectly from one frame to the next
    which shows the sky rotating perfectly!
    I would agree that it would be fun to look up one of these concams and
    predict which frame might show an obvious satellite like the ISS.
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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    > Hi All
    > Ive just "discovered" that my previous place of emplyment, the
    > S.A.Astronomical Observatory now has a CONCAM ( CONTinuous CAMera)
    > at its outstation in Sutherland,South Africa.  This operates throughout
    > night and takes pictures of the Sutherland night sky using a fish eye
    > camera. I dont have any info on the camera but it appears to be doing
    > a good job - for example in this mornings picture there is a bright
    > satellite track. The site to go to is . Another way
    > get to the camera is to go to the webpage of the Southern African Large
    > Telescope (SALT) at and
    > click on the CONCAM item.
    > This site also has two webcams operating, one showing the outside of the
    > SALT telescope and the other shows the inside of the dome. This telescope
    > should be in operation by the end of next year.
    > Enjoy -- maybe try satellite spotting with the CONCAM when nothing else to
    > do - might also be useful for re-entries etc.
    > Cheers
    > Greg
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