Daylight lunar flash

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Sun Aug 17 2003 - 12:40:33 EDT

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    I need help identifying an accidental observation I made during our daily
    walk this morning.  At 14:37:05 +- 5 sec UT (09:37:05 CDT) 17 August 2003,
    I happened to look up at the moon and saw a bright, brief flash very near
    but slightly west of ("below") the southern ("left-hand") cusp.
    Unfortunately, since the event was very brief and completely unexpected, I'm
    not sure if the flash was slightly north of the cusp, and so over the
    night-side lunar disk, or to the south and thus not over the moon.  The
    color was the pure white of an Iridium flare, but the duration was much
    shorter than the flares I've seen -- definitly more in the "blink" or
    "flash" category.
    At the time, we were walking west on Plantation Drive, 10-15 meters east of
    Evergreen Court in Harlingen, Texas. Delorme Street Atlas 8.0 gives that as
    26.210 N 97.675 W.
    If  someone could do a check and see if a satellite might have been the
    cause of the flash, I'd appreciate it.
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