EGP and Raduga 33 video

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Aug 15 2003 - 11:55:49 EDT

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    After the power was back on, I did some video capturing this morning. 
    First I captured the EGP satellite.
    It shows the passage of egp by Delta Cas around 6:04 UT 
    The Second video shows the passage of Cosmos 1535 r by Beta Ari, followed a short time after a
    flash by raduga 33.
    I found raduga 33 to flashing approx every 33 seconds this morning.
    The flash in the video was at around appox 7:05:34 UT. So that would place it around approx 
    1 hour 51 min R.A
    21 deg 34 min Dec
    Please note that the video might take awhile to show up. I have to use my backup site.
    N 44.6062
    W 75.6910
    100 m elevation
    WGS 84 datum
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