ISS Flight Mode and Images

From: Philip Masding (
Date: Wed Aug 06 2003 - 16:22:22 EDT

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    I saw a few messages about how bright the ISS was recently over the UK and
    questions about the flight mode.
    Well I managed to get some good hi-resolution shots of the ISS on 26 July
    and at that time the ISS was certainly in YVV or Local Vertical Horizontal
    mode. I have published the best image from that night on my home page.
    Also shown is a screen shot from the ISS simulator showing the ISS in YVV
    and confirming a  match with the telescope image.
    Philip Masding
    Manchester UK
    PS If you download the simulator please note that version doesn't do YVV
    mode. I have a development version which does but Mike and I haven't got it
    ready to publish yet.
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