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Date: Mon Aug 04 2003 - 17:27:59 EDT

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    << (2) how many minutes of angle
    apart would they be at the best possible angle directly overhead? In other
    words, can I expect to be able to resolve the pair using my 7 x 35 mm
    binoculars? >>
    As pointed out, the tether is vertical, so a near-zenith pass produces a near 
    eclipse, not maximum separation.  The tether is 4km, so you can approximate 
    the projected separation with a little trig, depending on the range.  My rough 
    estimate from a scope view is around 3 to 5 arcminutes.
    7x should be enough to split them for part of a pass.  The end masses are 
    faint enough to need dark skies to see well.  I don't know if anyone has seen the 
    tether with 7x35s.  I have used 10x70s, 11x80s, tripod mounted and aimed at a 
    preset star field.  
    Finding TiPS is quite a bit easier for me with a 6" or 12" Dobsonian, at low 
    power, 30x to 50x.  I find that I can track more smoothly with a scope (than 
    handheld binoculars), and this helps spotting the glints from the tether.
    Dan Laszlo
    Northern Colorado Astronomical Society
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