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    UARS was launched back in 1991
    About an hour ago , it passed in front of the sun , from my location.
    This tiny object was just 3.3" diameter at nearly 700 km range , but
    flickered across the screen , the size of a single pixel.
    I managed to capture the transit on video , however when converted to gif
    format ( about 600kb) UARS is very faint.
    Strangely , another object transitted at the same time , a little
    larger......I suspect that may have been a bird :O) as Calsky does not list
    any other sats for this time (It was about 8" so would have been quite large
    if a satellite.
    I won't be posting the video on my website , but if anyone wishes to se it ,
    please drop me a note and I will forward it on
    Here are the CalSky predictions....which were spot on  !
          (21701 1991-63-B) Crosses the disk of Sun. Separation: 0.14d
          Angular Velocity: 37.8'/s.  Transit duration: 0.70s
          Angular diameter: 3.3"  cylindrical, 9.8m x 4.6m
          Satellite at az: 184.9d S  h: 54.5d  dist: 675.8 km
          Centerline: Lon:356d53m45s  Lat: +53d24m15s dist: 2.04 km  az: 335.8d
    NNW  Path direction:  56.0d NE  ground speed: 7.443 km/s
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