NOSS naked eye visible

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sat Aug 02 2003 - 00:38:15 EDT

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    I was a few miles out a town tonight and stopped on a gravel road to wait
    and see Object E and the ISS show up some 20 minutes later.  At about
    10:39:15 PM local time, using my night vision scope I looked high in the sky
    in the general direction of Cygnus when low and behold, NOSS 2 C, D, & E
    were bright and right in the middle of the FOV!  Then I looked at them w/o
    using the scope and could easily see them in the dark sky. That is a first
    for me.  I watched them for a number of minutes then switched back to the
    night scope right before the leader entered the earth's shadow then the
    other two did the same.  I never realized just how far apart they were.  I
    estimated at least 2 degrees from the tip of the triangle to its base.
    A nice night!
    Tom  Iowa  USA
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