Noss 2-2 C,D,E

From: Steve Newcomb (
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 23:21:14 EDT

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    8/29/02 21.55.05 local the lead in formation above tarazed / gamma aquila
    left to delta cygnus 21.56.15 all 3 seen the trailing one #21808 D almost
    out of fov in 10 x 50 binocs with a 5d fov. Unexpected clearing tonite.
    Also other obs included Cosmos 1093r which was noted as being fast and 3 mag
    bright at 21.30.00 local 2d under eta herc, checked and found to be .84 d/
    sec, heading 169 az and alt 289 mile. Sometimes try to guess visual angular
    velocity and heading then compare to IDSat output.
    Lat 39.4697 Lon -79.3393  Alt 2573 ft  -4 UTC
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