From: James (james.mindham@btinternet.com)
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 18:33:35 EDT

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    Last night (28.08.02) I was waiting to observe Iridium 82&77.
    I was looking through my binos at my pick-up point and then removed them for
    a little neck relief when I noticed a mag – 3 (ish) flare somewhere in the
    area between Ursa Minor and Draco.
    I cannot be more precise on the location because I immediately looked at it
    through my binos and lost bearing, but it was definitely heading north
    towards Ursa Major.
    The maxima faded smoothly to invisibility over a period of about 8 secs. It
    bore all the hallmarks of an Iridium, however, later when trying to discover
    the satellite responsible the was no Iridium in the area.
    Ob details
    28.08.02 at approx 22.09 BST
    52.57 N
    1.33 E
    I have narrowed the possibilities down to the following;
    Webersat (O18)
    ESSA 4
    Nimbus 4 Rk Dbar
    Out of these three, ESSA 4 seems a little too late which leaves Webersat and
    the Nimbus Rk.
    I know that Webersat is a free tumbling box and probably would not have
    produced such a flare(?)
    Can anyone shed light on this?
    James Mindham
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