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From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 19:09:20 EDT

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    I think this thread is on-topic.
    At 47x with my 15.24 mm telescope in manual tracking, I always see detail
    in the ISS.  Saw detail often in Mir while it was in one piece.  I
    probably could see more detail if I had a filter on my eyepiece (the
    sheer brightness stops you from seeing some more detail), but every time
    I try that, I never mange to acquire the Space Station.
    I have an interest in acquiring a Meade ETX telescope in the next several
    months for the purpose of satellite tracking.  I realize that one of its
    shortfalls is that it can't track very well near zenith on low-flying
    objects (i.e., ISS, Shuttle, etc.) for reasons that I perfectly
    understand.  That's O.K. with me.  But is there any other flaws in the
    ETX line that I should be made aware of (again, for the main purpose of
    satellite observing) ?  I seriously thinking about getting one, but I
    still have a few months to decide (and hopefully accumulate the necessary
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