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From: paul (
Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 09:55:02 EDT

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    thanks for the PPAS format reply, I posted using input app:
    91- 46 A 02-08-26 04:39      PG1682.6 0.2  30 56.09  +4.0->inv
    91- 46 A 02-08-26 04:39      PG 1682.6 0.2 30  56.09  +4.0->inv
    I was surfing and found info that 2d is perhaps more
    correct with key setting of decimal in flash period being
    in line position 50... 
    (input app had it at 49)(the input app appears to
    move positions one space to the left from textual description
    of the format after the observer location code)
    observer starts at 30... 
    total time starts at 34 (assuming 999.9)(but 2d above starts at
    33 as total seconds are 9999.9) ... 
    accuracy starts 40...
    number flashes starts at 44... 
    flash period decimal MUST be at 50 (must?)
    & comments start at 55.
    I now recall there was some discussion a year or 2 ago
    re some modification the format.  are both the above correct?
    is one better than other?  is the format read by computers?
    is the relative sequence controlling rather than the
    *absolute* line position??
    At 09:14 8/26/2002 +0200, you wrote:
    >PPASimp.exe was made by Jim Varney.
    >The PPAS format is correct.
    >Paul wrote:
    >91- 46 A 02-08-26 04:39      PG1682.6 0.2  30 56.09  +4.0->inv
    >I hope the PPAS format is correct, I used an app named
    >PPASinp.exe, but I'm not finding an author listed.
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