RE: Contact Lost With Contour

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 16:31:45 EDT

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    Ralph McConahy wrote:
    > Since this has moved way off topic, I will answer Bill offline.
    Under the circumstances, I consider it on topic.
    If the burn did not take place, or was terminated prematurely, there may
    be a role for hobbyists to assist in the search. Given the difficult
    orbit, there may not be much that we could contribute, but perhaps
    someone could look into the possibilities.
    I notice that JPL Horizons includes several Contour orbits, including No
    Burn, Burn+3% and Burn-3%:
    Access is via the Select Major Body list box - choose Spacecraft.
    Latest orbit OIG is more than 1 week old:
    1 27457U 02034A   02218.70833333 +.00000000 +00000-0 +00000-0 0 00145
    2 27457 030.5521 190.6101 8915936 340.4630 356.7346 00.57921679000002
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