82041C recovered

From: Ted Molczan (molczan@rogers.com)
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 22:02:34 EDT

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    Congratulations to Paul Gabriel and Ralph McConahy for recovering 82041C
    on the morning of 2002 Aug 14 UTC, 160 days after it was last observed.
    They searched on different passes, one rev apart, and despite difficult
    sky conditions, both managed to produce useful data. Paul's obs are
    Paul's second point is a good match to 82041C. Ralph's obs are here:
    The object was about 48 min late relative Mike McCants' day 02066
    elements, but 5.8 min early relative the search elements I posted a few
    days ago.
    Here is a preliminary orbit:
    KH 9-17 ELINT    0.3  0.9  0.0  6.5 v
    1 13172U 82041C   02226.48884259  .00002000  00000-0  27284-3 0    00
    2 13172  95.9590 201.7983 0003000 161.9424 198.2339 14.78742022    05
    The mean motion is an estimate, based upon the apparent mean rate of
    decay since day 02066 implied by the new observations.
    Observers should make reasonable allowances for prediction time
    uncertainty, at least +/- 1 min.
    Ted Molczan
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