From: Jari (finn1@telus.net)
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 02:40:40 EDT

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    Reading an earlier report of Cosmos 1697 r  #16182 85097B and Cosmos 1980 r
    #19650 88102B close together i decided to look for them. At the predicted
    time of 05:48:45 14 Aug UTC i spotted with my 10x50s a faint sat approx 2
    deg above (E) Alkaid in Ursa Major heading North. 20 sec later, mental
    count, approx 4 deg above (E) Alkaid i saw another sat, more brighter than
    the first one and steady heading North as well. I figure the first one was
    Cosmos 1697 r and the second  being Cosmos 1980 r. Below is the Sky Map
    output for the two, times local:
    260° 32°  22:49:00 307° 44°  22:51:00 354° 32°   5.1 16182 Cosmos 1697 r
     253° 30°  22:49:20 307° 46°  22:51:00 350° 36°   4.9 19650 Cosmos 1980 r
    I tracked the second object for a short time, then looked for the first
    object and saw it but then i saw, in the same FOV, a fast moving flashing
    sat approx a deg or two above this faint object heading NNW. Of the 3
    objects i saw, the first two were C 1697 r & C 1980 r given the 20 sec
    spacing between them however i have not been able to ID the 3rd, flashing
    object. Thanks in advance for any help.
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