RE: Unid photo through M13

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 16:13:42 EDT

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    Hi Daniel,
    Cosmos 951 R/B (#10355, 77087B) passed through M13 at around
    22:28:50 CDT (using a 13-day-old elset I've got).  Unfortunately,
    the field of view is so narrow in your image that I can't
    tell which way it is oriented to see if the track orientation
    is a match.  Is north up, zenith up, or some other orientation?
    Also, is the field left-right reversed?
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    Subject: Unid photo through M13
    On Sunday, Aug 5 while doing some other observing/fun, a friend of mine
    caputred this image.
    The imaging started at 22:23 CDT and they were 12 (20) second exposures.
    This was exposure #11, so this was taken at about 22:26:40.
    Observer location:
    Anybody know what this object is?
    Daniel Crawford
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