iridium flare 8/13 by chance

Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 09:02:45 EDT

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    Hi folks:
      Taking a walk in the nearby field. I gased at Scorpion and try to make
    out the tea-pot in the hazy sky. Seconds later a bright 'iridium-like'
    flare developed off the Scorpion. The brightness rival Venus in the
    west. I was puzzled since early on HA did  not listed any iridium
    candidate for tonight.
     Back home I downloaded the fresh tle and ran Iridflar.  The observed
    brighteness, position and timing matches Iridium97!
     I am guessing Chris must have avoided prediction with entries with '?'
     Another case of  'happen to look at the right place at the right time'.
    ykChia ( call me yK )
    Singapore 103.80255E, 1.445 N, +20m, +8 GMT
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