Re: ISS 5 consecutive passes

From: Larry Wood (
Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 05:47:05 EDT

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    On night of July 24/25 each ISS pass is sunlit for some portion of each pass as
    seen from my location. The sun is at least 3° below our horizon (certainly dark
    enough for the ISS) from 10:13 p.m until 5:13 a.m,
    7 hours  and how long is each orbit???  < 93 minutes
    You do the math.
    We have two windows each year in which we can see 5 consecutive  passes.
    Larry Wood
    W 113.565   N 53.558
    > I've seen 4, I think the record and theoretical max is 6.
    > 52 N is too far north because the alignment has to occur in local
    > spring-summer and at 52 north the period of darkness is too short. The
    > optimum latitude is 35-40, longer night, still adequate elevation at
    > farthest north pass.
    > Dale
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