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Date: Sat Aug 10 2002 - 05:16:46 EDT

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    I would like to know the approximate time of the passes you observed - because
    it does depend on the geometry observer - satellite - spin axis - Sun. Sun
    (Earth!) position and spin axis change rather slowly, but your position relative
    to the orbit, and the rocket's within the orbit, change a lot.
    If you observe passes in the same direction (in this case about the same time)
    within some weeks, you should find the same pattern. I have recently seen two
    passes in the E - SSE and they had the same pattern you described, ie a 2.9
    second period. I saw the same period on a zenithal pass, but a different pattern
    (the double period was more difficult to detect).
    I have special suspicions about Zenith-2 (SL-16) rockets having multiple
    reflecting surfaces, but on these recent observations I did not detect anything
    having a higher period than 2*1.5 s.
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    > I saw SL-16 R/B 27006 again tonight, the period was still 1.5 seconds between
    flashes but it was a simple bright - dim pattern, not the (bright - 0.5 mag.
    dim - bright - 3 mag. dim) of last night. Does it have a lot of different
    possible patterns depending on which surfaces are reflecting or is something
    else causing the changed pattern ?
    > Janet
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