RE: ISS 5 consecutive passes

From: Edward Ehrlich (
Date: Fri Aug 09 2002 - 03:48:41 EDT

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    Leo wrote:
    >In summer (at the northern hemisphere) the orbit of ISS is almost at
    >angles to the line Earth-Sun. The pole-axis of the ISS orbit points
    towards >the Sun. ISS then stays for several days to weeks constantly in
    >Jay lives near New York. But also from my location at 52 degrees north
    it >is possible to see ISS (and other sats)on more than 2 consectutive
    Thank you for the explanation.  I'm a little surprised because I just
    don't remember a case in the many (hundreds of thousands) low flying
    satellite predictions that I've made, ever seeing more than two
    consecutive passes.  
    If anybody has the time and location from which they have seen 3 or more
    consecutive passes, I would very much appreciate the information.  I
    would like to check if my software is handling that situation correctly.
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