7/29/02 Obs

From: Steve Newcomb (snewcomb@gcnetmail.net)
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 00:25:32 EDT

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    At 02.36.35 UTC 7d under alpha corona borealis started tracking noss
    triplets 2-1 c,d,e in 10 x 50 binocs and was also able to see without
    binocs. I had never seen a set without binocs before. Then at 03.48.50 UTC
    sighted noss trips 2-3 c,d,e 5d south of beta herc to epsilon herc and on to
    pi herc. 1st time 2 set of noss trips in one night. ISS was sighted at
    02.16.00 at 335 az 16 el on to 02.17.10  at 000az 15 el.( The night before
    had good view of ISS in 8" reflector at gamma ursa major.) Iridium 13 flared
    to a -7 mag at 02.42.50 UTC at 064 az 36 el, guide star alpha cygnus at
    065az 59 el. While watching Meteor 3M r both 1x and binocs saw a meteor
    streak while unaided eye at 02.57.50 UTC 3d west and parallel to sat.
    Several minutes earlier saw a meteor streak that left a trail.Saw Feng Yun
    1D Db / #27433 between alpha and eta bootes at 02.16.00 UTC. At 01.55.49 UTC
    saw #20978 under beta lyra by a very very small amount, less than 1/10
    degree. EO 1 Del DPAF / #26623 seen 10 degree under alpha cygnus at 02.41.20
    UTC. Several others plus only 1 unknown to id.
    Lat 39.4697 Lon -79.3393  Alt 2573 ft
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