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From: Kurt Dequick (
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 10:44:01 EDT

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    For every satellite in the PPAS (version 10), you can now view the 
    graph showing the evolution of the flash period (raw data!)  If you 
    point your mouse to a dot, the observer's name, date and period 
    pops up.
    There's also a screenshot at the address below for those who don't 
    want to install the (free) plug-in.
    A stand-alone program or script (not requiring internet access, but 
    still a browser or graphic tool capable of showing the graphics) 
    would require not much extra effort to work on all computer 
    platforms, since it's all based on open source.
     An operation that goes clean all the way through is an 
     operation where the goof-ups happened to cancel out.
    (Randall  Garrett , "The Briefing" , from "The Giant Book of Science Fiction Stories" , page 41)
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